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Soon, they will have visitors. But not until we find out who all their friends are, so we can collect them all for the party.I saw that he was here with some woman with an American name and a Chinese family name. She could be either from HK or Taiwan, or could be ABC. Of course, she would not hesitate to meet with this gwei at the hotel! She would be perfectly safe. Or so she thought. This little activist was in for the surprise of her meddling life.The next day I waited in the lobby for the ABC to show. She did around 10:00 AM. She went to use the house phone. She was medium height, around 157, with a 86-58-89 figure. Her black hair was cut short, and she had on a plain white tshirt with black pants. She was quite confused when she was told the gwei had checked out."Are you sure?" she asked."Yes, he left, and paid by cash. He did not leave a forwarding address. I wish I could do more."I approached her. "Perhaps I could help you", I said. She looked at me, with her big brown eyes.. "Fuck Mike," he said to me, "Mark told me about what a little fucking straight whore you are"He knew my name. And Mark must have told him all about the fun we had together. He wanted me right now just as much as I wanted him. I didn't even know his name, and I didn't care. He rolled forward on the third bench and I stood up, giving him the perfect position to just lean over slightly and suck my raging hard cock. He started slowly at first, only taking in the head."Fuuuuckkkk," i let out a muffled moan, "fucking suck that straight cock," I told him as I pushed his head down further, "You like that young fucking hard cock?" He was moaning loudly and I took his muffles for a yes. As he continued sucking my cock I tugged on his balls with one hand, keeping his head down with my other one. Slowly twirling his balls in my hand seemed to drive him wild as he started sucking faster and faster. I spit into my hands and started stroking his cock. It felt so hard and large in my hands and it.
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