Rishu Panipat Ko First Boy Ne Choda Last Night

Sharon believed her husband Derek was a fucking idiot. He had chosen to leave her for a younger woman and she herself wasn’t yet 30. She still possessed the same 34-24-34 figure she had when she met Derek in college, she worked out every day and wore clothes on her 5’8′ frame that girls 10 years her junior couldn’t pull off. Sharon was a total babe and she knew it. She came by it naturally, her mother Wendy was still a sexy blonde honey and her figure still turned heads. Sharon’s father had never been able to cope with having a sexy blonde as a wife and had walked out several years ago. Sharon and her mother commiserated over the fact that the men in their lives were idiots. Wendy ran a very successful Ice Cream Parlor, partially because every flavor was hand made and partially because all of her staff were stunning physical specimens. Sharon herself had worked there to pay for college until a modeling scout had walked in one day and offered her a job. When she told Sharon she would. He walked towards me with them leading the way. When he got within an arms length he threw them over my head outside the pool. As I watched them Danny grabbed me and twisted my arm behind my back. He lifted his knee and bent me over. "You should not spy on people, you peeping Tom,"he barked as he Spanked my bare ass. He was surprisingly strong and hit very hard. After my ass was bright red he let me go. " Well look at that",Danny said"you must be a closeted fag". As I got off Danny's lap I had a hung hard-on. He wasted no time and grabbed me again. He pushed me into the side of the pool and I felt his hand rubbing the crack of my ass. He jabbed my asshole with his finger and I came instantly."Now that's a good little faggot",was whispered in my ear, come back tomorrow and we can have some more fun" I did. After he had his hooks in I was trapped all thru H.S. He would video tape me and blackmail me. I was very straight looking and acting, but get me naked and I am a horny slut. Danny.
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