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She said she thought I was really cute and wasn’t much interested in my boyfriend, but she was interested in me.’ ‘Well? Did you?’ ‘CeCe?’ she started, ‘I’m not a lesbian.’ ‘Oh,’ I said, having my fun-balloon of sexual whimsy deflated by my friend’s story about the bad-side of fantasy fulfillment. I let my mind wander–and wonder–if Joey would ever treat me like that. Would my dear man be an ass if we did his fantasy? I just couldn’t imagine it that way. ‘Hey, CeCe? What are you thinking about?’ ‘Sorry, just wondering…’ ‘Is Joey trying to get you into a threesome or something?’ ‘Sort-of. Well, not really,’ I stammered, ‘we just have an active fantasy life, and…well…a few weeks ago Joe and me had an encounter that I really enjoyed.’ ‘Did you do it with a woman?’ Caroline exclaimed in a very excited tone. ‘No, no.’ I stuttered, and then recounted our brief foray into kinky sex for my closest friend. ‘Oh my god! Now who’s lying?’ my friend Caroline said in an accusatory tone. ‘No,. But, i did’nt stop her because i knew that she is waiting for this from three years. After some time i cummed in her mouth & she drank it with a great curiocity. Then i made her sleep, parted her legs did finger fucking. Her pussy was some what tight because she was fucked only twice. She was moaning “aaaahhhhh, uuuuuuummmmmm, ooooooohhhhhhh, ooooofffffffff, jitu, ab yeh sab bas karo. Mujhsay aur raha nahin ja sakta, bus asly kam shuru karo”. Then i said “bus toda intezar kijiye ek aakri kam bakhi hai”. She said “kya hai”. I made her close her eyes & started licking her pussy by parting the lips of her pussy. She said, “wah! Aur ander karo, mujhay yah bahut pasand aaya”. I incer my complete tounge in her pussy & fucked her with my toungue. She was moaning aaaaaahhhhhhhh, ooooohhhhhhh, uuuuuummmmmm, hhhhhaaaannnn, aur ander zeus aur”. I drank all the juice that came out of her pussy. It was very tasty. Then i made her sleep took the condom & when i was wearing it she said ” mujhay.
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