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I told the aunty about this. She told fine and dropped her son.I was very excited and waited for her to come. She came with her son and told she’d come back in the evening. I told her to sit inside and go after a while. She agreed. She was wearing a dark blue colored sari. Her boobs were appearing so juicy and her butt looked so tempting.Then I started to take tuition for her son and I gave the boy a lot of problems to solve and I went to the hall to speak to the aunty.. I did not want to loose that opportunity. Soon I told her that she looked gorgeous and immediately I got a plan to trap that aunty.I told her that my mom purchased a new sari to gift to my aunt for her birthday and randomly pulled out one sari from my mom’s wardrobe and showed her. She liked the sari and told it was beautiful.Then I asked her if she could wear it once so that I could see if it was a right choice for gifting.. She refused. But I insisted telling that any sari on her would look good and started. Mya oh mya babe your the best i mummered hey look they're winning now i said causing her to jump and look. As her boobs moved with her bodies motion damn baby your so sexy i said to her stand up here i said as i shifted my legs back to the floor. She did as i told her i grapped her by the waist turning her Around to where her ass was now in front of my face. Gosh i said leaning over giving her fine little ass a pinch with my teeth. Ouch i heard with a response i then placed my hand on her back bending her over to where her head was alined with her knees i gave her left cheek a smack leaving a handprint on her ass! I grapped her little see through panties pulling them down lifting her legs one at a time to get them off. You want me baby she said in a little perocative voice! You know i do Mya to that she reached in between my legs grapping my co*k lining it up with her tight little pu**y and sat down i began piercing her Lower region oh baby she moned out now that i was balls deep in.
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