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Somewhere along the line, I started to say no and it came out OK. That’s when I knew it was time. I was surprised, but I knew I was ready, due to his persistence. So I gave in. I was sacred, nervous, uncomfortable, but exhilarated, happy, excited, and curious. I actually found myself looking forward to it. I was overwhelmed by the sheer pleasure and the romantic moment. I sent him out of the room, then I stripped my way up the stairs, leaving a boot at the foot of the stairs, another boot a couple of steps up, my dress a couple of steps after that, my pantyhose a step up from there, my bra at the top of the stairs, and my panties hanging on the doorknob of the bedroom. I waited completely naked on the bed, wrapped in a sheet. He quickly stripped down to his undies and climbed on the bed next to me. I was tingling. After a little foreplay, I took his underpants off. Then we curled up and gave each other oral simultaneously. We did that for about half an hour. Then I rolled over on my. ? She was a very big snobthought. I had only talked to her once and when I did she shot down everypickup line I had, and then said ?better luck next time loser? and retreated toher friends with her nose high in the sky. ??????????? ?well ill show her? I said to my self. (Insert sinister dr. evil laugh here) class=Section2>====later that night ==== ??????????? Nowaround 6:40pm , and getting dark, I decided that it was time. ??????????? Justoutside of her house on this cool Friday night I noticed that there were a lotof cars on the street and driveway outside of her house. I hope her familyisn?t having a party, that would just be sour luck. ??????????? Peeringinto the window I saw what every little boy sees on Christmas morning.? ??????????? Okfine maybe it wasn?t a billion presents, but it was at least 10 high schoolcheerleaders all gathered around braiding each others hair and having a heateddiscussion (it looked like) ??????????? ?Oboy my luck couldn?t getting any better than.
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