Esi Aunty Ass

And serving the Gods just meant there was no limit on our decadence. We could do what we wanted, wherever we wanted, and the Gods would protect us. We served them, and had earned whatever amusements we desired.The plane tires screeched, the thrust reversals roared, and my seat belt dug into my waist as we landed. The plane rattled, shook, groaned, and then we slowed to a crawl, the thrust reversals died down, and the plane made a gentle turn. Through the window I could see the other planes landing, part of the fleet of aircraft that followed the Gods around. They carried soldiers, vehicles, spare parts, and there was one plane that was simply their back-up ride, decked out identically to Air Force One. That was power. That's why I ditched my billionaire husband to serve Mark and Mary.The plane pulled up to the advance troops; a company of the Legion and a squad of the scantily-clad bodyguards had arrived yesterday, making sure everything was safe and secure for their arrival. Beyond. You had nothing else better to do and you didn’t want to pass up an easy lay so you offered to take her back to your place for a little fun. She agreed without a question, but as you were walking out of the bar, you felt something hit the back of your head and everything went dark . . .You wake up some time later and you are on a red satin four poster bed. Your arms and legs are tied to the posts and you have a rubber ball gag in your mouth, which you nearly choked on when you regained consciousness. You can barely move or make a sound. The room your in as dimly lit, the walls are dark maroon, there are no windows or other furniture in the room besides the bed, a large closet and a large trunk against the wall, filled with you knew not what.Standing in a half circle around the bed are six women with drop-dead gorgeous bodies, accept for one thing, they all have cocks. Your captors are:Tina, a petit tan-skinned Latino girl who looks just out of her teens. She has a decent build and.
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