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Koi job..He: ha…vo ek lecturer he..collage me..Me: phir to busy rehati hogi..He smiled. Then again we did not talk for 5-10 min. I felt that he was staring at my blouse which was peeping out of my pallu. I got a bit excited and thought that I should tease him a bit. Casually, I adjusted my pallu such that my sari rolled on my blouse and both the points in blouse was visible now.I was looking out the window, but looking at him with tilted sight. He was continuously looking at my blouse. I felt he was curious for more. I looked at my husband who was sleeping on birth over him. Then I got up from the sit and pulled towel from the upper birth. In the process, my pallu was slipped and fall down. He glanced at my boobs, I smiled at him and then adjusted pallu again and sat on my sit.He: bhabhiji..aap kaha tak ja rahi he…Me: ham log vaise Rajasthan ja rahe ..LTC par ghumne..He: oh..bahut achha he…kitne dino ka programme he..Me: yahi koi 5-7 din.. Then again he become silent for 5 min. Then I. Then I heard my bro was gng for 3 days to my parents. It gave me chance, I asked nidhi for a date n she agreed when I went for a date she was wearing a sleeveless blue t-shirt n white tight jeans from which her beautiful white arms were showing n then her round butt n shapely boobs were inviting me to eat them, it just made me more determined to fuck her. I told her on way that let me show u my house,2 my surprise she agreed n we went to now house. There she was lying close to me with arms around her I with my him mat kissed her on her cheeks to my surprise she didn’t said anything. Then she replied by kissing on my cheeks. I asked here to lets go to my room she agreed and I turned on romantic cd and we started dancing after sometime I was able to feel her body as distance was reducing I kissed her on lips she resisted and said that’s not right I convinced here that its just a love kiss and tried again and this time she responded my tongue went inside her mouth and I was sucking her.
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