"Just like with the mobile holographic shield emitters!" Kimison was writing with a furry, and then looked over at Rayburn. "Damn I think it's possible! We would just have to figure another counter to the micro-generators! Hell that should be as simple as for the mobile holographic emitters!" Rayburn was nodding as they were both up working at a furious pace. It had been an hour since she'd left orbit near the Imperial planet, an almost demented, twisted look on her face she checked the readings. Good she thought she was almost there! Ten minutes later space slipped back to normal as the small craft entered normal space. Pulling up a reading she saw that she was near the scheduled first stop of the emperor. According to the time table he shouldn't be here for another day, good plenty of time to get things ready to kill that putrid son of a bitch! Greeson jerked aside as the open hand hit where his head had been. "Up maggot! We haven't time to sleep all day!" Greeson growled and. Use me as you want.” I made her nude and came to 69 position and I started my tricks with her pussy.I already know that she likes anal. I sucked her pussy and started inserting a finger into her ass. She was gasping heavily and was sucking my dick hard. I was licking from her pussy to ass and ass to pussy and fingering both of her holes. She held my head and she came pretty hard and squirted for a little.She took me up and was kissing me and took hold of my dick. I was trying to keep it into her pussy. But I was playing outside her clit and she saw me, then I looked straight into her eyes and inserted my full dick into her in a sudden stretch.I could see the shock on her face and I kissed her and fucking her hard. I did not give any time for her to recover and was fucking so hard. She came once again. But I did not stop fucking her hard.I am also about to cum so I took her turned her into doggy style and started fucking her pussy. Now while I was fucking her pussy, I inserted my.
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