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Aron had been trained in the ways, and had even forged the sword that hung by his side. But he wanted more from life than a good job and a stable income in the same town he'd grown up in. If he hadn't left, he knew he never would, doomed to reside in the same place repeating his father's and grandfather's stories, and passing on the same mundane legacy to his own sons. No, Aron wanted more from life than that.So he packed up and became an adventurer, even though it was no longer fashionable to do so. And for a couple of years he spent his life travelling the continent of Soros, killing goblins, orcs, wolves and men for what coin he could haggle. Occasionally he'd come across a vampire den, or a goblin king, and he'd get paid double. But those occasions were becoming fewer and further between, and his coin was drying up quicker and quicker.It was by pure chance he happened to be in town of Cubano at the same time of the incident at the temple of Liru. A priestess by the name of. For several days, he had unsuccessfully tried to have another officer take over the debauched case, while eagerly volunteering his efforts for every minor offense that was processed by his precinct, but ultimately was left with no other options.Reluctantly, he rang the doorbell. After a long moment, the door was opened by a sweet young girl, that resembled the pictures he had seen at the old woman’s house. Again, he felt a surge of anger, as he pictured the invalid old man fondling, and doing God-knows-what-else, with the innocent-looking teenager standing before him.He explained the purpose of his visit, and she invited him inside with a friendly smile. The girl was dressed in a short bathrobe, and her face and legs looked damp.She probably was taking a shower when I rang the bell, Officer Hindenbaum thought to himself. Cindy smiled at him sweetly, and invited him to take a seat on the couch.She remarked that the officer looked thirsty, and wondered if she could fetch him a glass of.
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