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Waiting for you, R. Shocked and excited, I made my way home quickly avoiding the honks of annoyed drivers. I made it to my apartment where the note was taped to my door, the front reading ‘Open inside’. I walked into my apartment and read the note breathlessly. Once you’ve packed your bag, call Jessica and tell her ‘The snow is on the ground.’ She’ll tell you what to do next. All my love, R. I squealed and ran upstairs to pack my bag, the whole time fantasizing about what was going to happen. Packing took all of ten minutes and I dialed Jessica impatiently waiting for her to answer. I knew exactly why he picked Jessica to help him, she was the only other person that knew of our relationship and also my best friend. ‘Yello?’ Her normal response to a ringing phone, no matter whose it was ringing… ‘Hey Jess! So apparently, the snow is on the ground??’ I said more as a question than a statement. A squeal erupted causing me to jerk the phone from my ear. ‘Oh god, I wasn’t expecting. They both arrived pretty close together. While we had been waiting for Ron and Ray to turn up Jess had counted the money, "Jesus Jimmy, there's nearly a thousand pounds here, he must have really been helping himself, we definitely have to get that audit underway now."Ray was very interested in the passport, "I'll take this Jess if you don't mind, it might shine a bit more light on Mr De Vent, I'll give you a receipt if you want." That won't be necessary Ray" said Ron, "It's of no value to us but it would be interesting to find out a bit more about this Cyril Metcalf fellow."When Ron and Ray went Jess and I got our heads together and formulated our plan for the store. Jenny arrived home from school and we told her of the events since we dropped her off at school. Jenny was all in favour of Jess and I taking control of the store, we told her she would also play a part in the decision making as she was a part owner.Our plan was to open the store on Monday and have a staff meeting; we.
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