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." She glanced at me. " ... not refuse to answer a single one." Impossible." Ridiculous. (Then why was I as hard as a rock from this conversation?)"Entirely possible. I know, because it happened." At this point, I could hear the arousal in her voice. My anger now entirely replaced by intrigue and interest, I accepted her legs straddling my lap, and she unbuttoned her blouse. "You weren't there. You didn't see. But it worked, and she was entirely open to suggestion." Such as?" I worked the cups of her bra down beneath her breasts and applied my tongue to one nipple."You'll have to see for yourself." She ooohed as I took the entire nipple into my mouth and started sucking. "Ummm ... just ask her about insurance premiums." Sinne yanked her skirt up, revealing her customary lack of panties, as well as her glossy black stockings. I didn't have to finger her to know she was already wet, I could smell her fragrance from here. She unzipped my fly and started to lower herself onto me."Wait," I. That couldnt account for the exuberant thrust of her paunch, which resembled a classic beer gut, so she must have had more fat in her body cavity, along with the usual organs. I pictured the mysterious tangle of small intestine in its three-sided frame of colon, all of it squirting and gurgling as it battled with two dozen donuts. Leaning down, I pressed my ear against her belly button. Sure enough, I heard a rumbling chuckle of liquids and gasses burbling away in the soft factory that distended her swollen belly. It was the most erotic sound Id ever heard. My head rode up and down with her every breath, and the sweet smell and feel of her big round gut was intoxicating. Eric! I sat up guiltily to find Penny watching me with a horrified expression. This is the worst thing ever happened to me. Hey, you just had a few too many beers, its not that awful. No, no, I mean you saw everything. The whole fat ugly mess. Penny waved a hand vaguely at her exposed body. I meant what I said:.
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