Step Sister,s Fantasy Fullfilled

"Everything is just fine, I just needed to have a checkup," Brendaresponded."I always worry around here when one of the girls goes to the doctor'sfor a visit. It's usually because they are pregnant." Does that happen a lot?" No, just me," Cheryl giggled."I'm going to miss you, you've become a good friend." I like you too Brenda, you have picked up the phones really well. Nextweek the parties will start again and you will have to work late." What parties?" Parties to promote the agency. Going to these parties is part of ourjob. They were fun for me at first, but after I got married I hated goingto them. The models were able to ask guys to escort them and after a fewdrinks their escorts were hitting on anything with skirts. Before Imarried it was fun and it kept my sex life active but afterward I wantedto go home to my husband. It was becoming a strain on our marriage butthen when I became pregnant and was going to leave this job my husbandmellowed out." How often do they have parties?". The offense had run on all cylinders this day and were sure to get an A. The defense ran into a bit of luck with the greedy Maine offense. Once Maine began to put it all together they tried to do too much, too soon and blew the opportunity. That, combined with NEAT's ball control, seemed to stifle any Maine uprising.Amidst the raucous locker room celebration Coach Winslow came in flanked by his 3 assistants. When the stood at the head of the room the group quieted down to hear his words."I'll keep this short. To say that I'm proud of you would be an under statement, and I think I speak for all 4 of us and the staff. Savor your win and we'll all get together tomorrow, as usual. Celebrate, but be smart. This isn't the end, it's the beginning, we have so much more work to do. The media may want some of you, remember, we only talk about this game. Thank you all so much."With those words Jared was off to meet the press himself for the post game presser. Before he went in to meet with them.
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