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Please have all the other interested parties present.’ ‘I don’t think that is possible …’ ‘You are charged with child safety, Ms Aristedes, believe me it is not in your personal or departmental interests to delay this matter. Four o’clock. Thank you.’ Milla hung up. Jack and Diane Ch 13 Milla got David and me to her office as quickly as possible to prepare her plan of attack. ‘We can’t be sure of their approach to this but there are a couple of issues we will have to deal with, namely, the alleged assault, and Jack’s arrest. However, having spoken to the police this morning, I don’t think the arrest is going to be a problem.’ ‘Diane may be more of a problem, if she sticks to her story,’ I contributed, morosely. ‘Yes, and we don’t want to let her know too much about our defence. But again I don’t see that as being a problem. All we have to do is focus everything on the children’s well-being,’ said David. They thrashed through all the obstacles they foresaw, and finally Milla said,. This time she was having trouble with her light bulb. It needed changing. She has 'home-help' for such jobs, but she doesn't like bothering them with such trivialities... she said. I immediately noticed the bulky cardigan had gone. This time she was wearing a knee length skirt and a patterned t-shirt. The t-shirt was loose, but not so loose that I couldn't see her round breasts pushing at the material. Her hair was down and her full lips, which I hadn't noticed before, had a touch of lipstick. I realised she'd stopped talking and saw her looking at me with a slight smile. I apologised for staring and told her she was looking lovely today. Her smile grew and as she turned away, I could see her nipples now pushing against her t-shirt. My previous 'twitch' was now a full-blown hard-on!! Bulb changed and she asked how much I wanted to be paid, reaching for her purse. I reminded her that I don't accept money, but a hug from a gorgeous woman was enough to keep me going all day... and maybe.
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