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She must have brought a clean pair of clothes because she’s sitting in a fresh looking, white pull over and a tight pair of black leggings. And of course, Lauren looks just as good in athleisure wear as she does in a designer dress. Her whole outfit looks like it was designed specifically for her curves.When my eyes reach hers, it’s obvious she could see me staring at her body, but given the moment, she doesn’t say anything. I move over to the couch and sit down and it’s only then that I see Lauren is drinking the coffee Jackie brought over.“It’s silly to let it go to waste,” she says when she sees my eyes zero in on her drink. “You should have the other one.”“I don’t want coffee,” I say back sullenly and I know my tone sounds childish.Lauren puts the cup on the coffee table in front of the couch before she scoots closer so our legs are touching and she can grab my hand. She turns my palm over in her own, brings it up to her mouth and gently kisses the inside of my hand. I can’t help. While she cutting vegetables i stood back of her and watching her backside with close she had damn round ass I was speechless looking that i can’t control and try to touch with my back, but she thinking that I am doing that unknowingly. She finished her cook v both ate and sit for playing carom, I am observing her boobs when she took her strike and i always try to touch her hand by telling congrats for her accurate goal in that i also touched her shoulders got bored and i went to take rest on sofa for time and she went for bath.Because of heavy humidity i removed my t shirt and slept topless she finished her bath came to hall, now she wored nighty which is transparent through I can observe her edges of her body now I cant control and told your so sexy Sushma and hold her hand she was shocked by my behavior and try to go away from me but i have strong arms enough to hold her hand tightly and pulled her on me now she feared and saying I am married leave me please but i was not in.
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