Village M O M Son Quick Mid Night

She looked up at me and opened her mouth. She brought my cock into her mouth.She sucked my cock slow while she massaged my full balls. I hadn’t had sex and the cum was filling up in my smooth balls. I couldn’t wait to blow my load down her throat. She really seemed to like cock. She made all the usual cock-sucking sounds. She bobbed along my shaft like it was a piece of art.“Fuck, Abby! You’re so good at this. Your husband was a lucky guy.”“My husband had a four-inch cock. He’d come in minutes. I like sucking your monster cock.”“How about I make love to you? Would you like to feel my dick inside of you? I really want to make love to you. You’re so fucking beautiful.”“Yes. I’ll move to the bed.”Abby got up and got comfortable on the bed. Her body was amazing. She was going to be my new GILF. She was super sexy and liked sex. I couldn’t wait to fuck her.I held her on the bed. Kissing her and cupping her vagina. I moved my hand over her lips and played with her. Paul poked his head around the corner to peek. I turned around to realize I was directly facing him. He was staring at my flat crotch in awe. Then his stare came up to my chest again. I covered my chest with my hands. It felt weird to be stared at by Paul. He handed me the jeans and sweater and stuttered for me to finish getting dressed. I realized the legs of the jeans were very narrow so I decided to put my socks on first, then the jeans. I pulled them up and did them up. They fit but they were very snug and they rode very low on my hips. I pulled the sweater over my head and took a look in the mirror. I turned around and checked myself out. The jeans looked very good on me, hot actually. Again I noticed my ass was spectacularly curved and my crotch was flat and smooth. There was no indication I was a guy at all. The sweater was a thick soft red material that showed my curves way too much for my comfort. I came out of the bathroom and showed Paul. "What do you think?" I asked.Paul.
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