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How the hell is she a teacher?”His buddy Jamal, who is a 18 year old senior also, says back, “Bro I know. Young, pretty pale white girl. God damn. Ask her how old she is, I dare you.”When Cheryl’s done giving her introduction, she asks if there’s any questions. She sees one of the black boys in the back of the class raise his hand.She says, “I’m sorry, I don’t know any of you. What’s your name, and what’s your question?”Trey says, “Hey Ms. D, my name's Trey. I was just wondering how old you are…”The class laughs because it’s obvious to everyone Trey’s flirting with the new substitute. Cheryl couldn’t help but check out Trey when he stood up. He was so tall with a sexy muscular body for a boy in high school. She can tell how Trey’s staring at her that he likes her. She smiles and likes the attention, making her feel sexy in front of the whole class.Cheryl says, “Well Trey, I am 31. I don’t feel that old, but I am”The video starts and Trey and Jamal text on their phones back and forth. Suddenly, Mrs. James pulled one of her arms out of the sleeping bag and reached for our drink. She took a big gulp from the stadium cup and offered it to me. I pulled a hand out and took a swig of my own and she replaced it in the drink holder. When she pulled the sleeping bag up under her chin she unhooked her bra. I did not realize that the clasp was up front but now there was no doubt that she wanted me to keep massaging her."Are you alright with this? She asked me."Yes." I stammered."OK. If you ever say anything to Matt or anyone else I will make you live to regret it. Before this goes any further, is that understood?"I nodded my understanding and she placed my right hand squarely on her bare left boob. Her boobs were bigger and softer than Shellie's but they were awesome. When I rolled her nipples in my fingers I could feel her tense up and her breathing changed. She was really starting to enjoy this. Matt had the stereo cranking and could not hear or see anything going on in the.
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