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" Doesn't he tell you?"Tom shook his head."No," he said. "He communicates in a lot of ways, but he never talks."She frowned and looked at him suspiciously. She envisioned fucking a deaf mute, for only a deaf mutt, wouldn't talk to his friend. And certainly a lot of women would be reluctant fuck a deaf mute, since he couldn't proposition them without using somewhat coarse gestures. She decided it might be a blast, a new experience."You better show me this friend of yours," she said, walking toward the bedroom door."Not until I've anointed you," he said. "Come here."She hesitated for a moment, then walked to him. He indicated that she should put one foot on the seat of a straight chair he'd taken from against the wall, exposing her ass and pussy in a humiliating manner. When she was in position, she felt particularly vulnerable, for her pussy lips were spread so much she could feel cool air against the moist flesh."What the hell are you doing?" she demanded as he took a finger-full of. Shelly saw the Lake Tahoe hotel approaching and urged her kids to finish strong. She noticed James staring at her sweat-stained blouse, the blouse she had purposefully unbuttoned to show just a bit of breast. She knew she could have him anytime she wanted; it was as obvious as the grin on his face. She also knew that he adored her and that he took every opportunity to try and get a peek down her blouse or up her skirt and from time to time she gave him a glimpse. Hell, she thought, every boy in her classes and some of the girls too, wanted her.Back at the hotel they all broke up and went to their rooms to clean up before dinner. Shelly took the elevator to her room and once inside she pulled a beer out of the mini refer, popped the top and took a swig. There was a light knock on the door and when she opened it James stood there, stripped to the waist, his tee shirt wrapped around his waist, his chest muscles bulging and sweat running down his body and she thought he looked good.
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