A tourist boat was passing by under them.She opened Caledon’s coat just as it passed, flashing the people on the boat.“Hey,” he said, wrapping the coat back around his stepdaughter’s exposed body. “Bad girl!”She giggled. He fucked her hard to make her stop giggling. She was now grunting instead. He was too as he banged into her.“Daddy!” she whispered.“Hang on, baby,” he strained to say. “Hang on.”“Daddy…” she insisted.“What?” he said, panting.“Someone’s coming!”“Aww, fuck.”“It’s okay.”“No, I’m going to jail!”“Shh,” she said. “Just hold me.”He rested his head on top of hers and squeezed her tighter. They stared off at the river. His coat was still covering them. The footsteps got closer. Then behind them. A man and a woman were walking hand in hand.“Nice night,” the man said.They turned to the couple and nodded.“Beautiful,” Caledon said.“Have a good night,” the woman said.“You, too,” Heather replied chipperly.They stared off at the river as the couple passed. Then they turned to see. Megan's head was thrown back, her mouth open and eyes closed. Her left arm was raised over her head, with two fingers of Jenna's free hand clenched in her fist.Dropping my chin a little, I swirled my tongue around the opening of her hot vagina. She dripped honey on me as I rimmed the wet little hole. I heard her respond with a groan, and she began humping her pelvis against me with greater vigor, mashing my nose against her pubic bone. I experimented by dipping my tongue into her pussy, pressing the tip deeper with each thrust. She opened up easily for me as I teased more and more of the nectar from her sweet cunt. Megan was panting, each breath huffing out of her oscillating body. She was very near climax. I slipped my hard tongue upward, out of her juicy pussyhole, up between her fat labia, searching out her hard clit. When I first pressed the tip of my tongue against the sensitive little bud, she came.It started slowly. She stopped in mid breath, her hips hunched into the air and.
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