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I quickly released her wrist and shoved a wad of bills into her hand.“Sorry about that.” I said as she glanced down at the wad.“It’s OK. Woah, thanks!” She exclaimed.“You’re welcome. Take care of us tonight and I’ll get you taken care of.” I said, trying to regain my confidence.She nodded and walked away.Cassie and Candace were blowing through drinks at a rapid pace and Anna was making frequent trips to our table. I kept scanning the room, looking for interesting dancers and just generally people watching. Anna brought me a second beer and then a third. I eyed a dancer who walked up towards our booth. She was a curvy brunette with a body that reminded me of Candace. Surprisingly, she walked right past me and slid onto the booth between the girls.I turned around to see her lean over to Cassie and begin to chat into her ear.Cassie laughed and I saw the dancer put her hand on Cassie’s leg. She continued to talk into Cassie’s ear and then turned toward Candace, saying something into. I could tell she was about to cry. I hugged her tightly. Shayla, this is my fault. Ive been an asshole. You cant blame yourself just because you are older than me. Im a grown boy. I knew what I was doing. I knew of the consequences. It took two of us to do what we did. And I know of the dangers, the complications and the bad morals that revolve around what we did. But the last thing I want is to lose you over this. I love you so much. Not just as a cousin. As a friend too. Shayla smiled. This made me feel confident. I understand that you never want to come near me again. That you see last night as the biggest mistake of your life. But I saw it as the best night of mine. I spent it with the person I care most about in my life Shayla remained silent for some time. Then she spoke. What you just said means a lot to me. It really does. Deep down I knew you would say something like this. Its what I needed. You really are an amazing person Shayla looked relaxed now. She sat down on the.
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