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.. changed. Their bodies were converted directly into energy, and they actually became the spell. Those three are still in place, to this day. They will remain, until the end of this world."Thusly have we sealed the places of magic. The Creator then made a different sort of magic. He changed the physical rules of your world a bit. Humans have the ability to tap this magic, but not many seek it, anymore. They seem to have chosen to study science instead."Over the years, the few others of my race that were remaining here have either died doing their jobs, or have wearied and have moved on. They have gone to where the others of our race went. Thus it is, that I am the last surviving 'Guardian'. I, too, am tired. I wish to go home," he said and sighed sadly."Let's see... you people were given great power, but you die?" I asked, a bit confused.It seemed to me that part of what had happened was a conferring of long life, and I would assume you became very hard to kill off, or so it seemed. For Wendy and me it was something of a farewell, we were already looking for a new house by this time so it was the last time we should entertain formally in a home we had lived in for fifteen years. So when it came to the cooking Wendy, aided by Alicia (who under her expert guidance was showing great promise in the kitchen), truly surpassed herself. I could see as soon as he arrived that George was still fascinated by Alicia. Whenever Sue’s attention was elsewhere he rested his eyes on her, drinking her in with palpable lust. I wanted him to get a good idea of what he was missing, so I asked her to keep an eye on him throughout the meal, and while Wendy, the twins and I kept Sue busy she was to shoot sexy smiles at him, push her bust in his direction, look away giggling shyly if he too obviously stared back, and generally be as forward and provocative as she could without getting him into any trouble. After dinner the twins carefully steered Sue into the front room and talked to.
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