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”“A lot of people go there to get away from the kids and engage in adult activities,” Caleb explained. “If someone is there and engaged…” he started to say as the girls walked up.“What are you boys over here conspiring about?” Chandra asked.“I was just about to explain the adults-only beach,” answered Caleb.“The rule is, there ain’t no rules,” Julie said with a laugh. “If someone is having sex in the middle of the beach, they want to be watched. You’ll learn who’s who over time, but some people you can throw a towel down right next to and watch up close; others prefer you watch at a distance. Just be polite.”“There are occasional orgies and such, but normally it's just couples. There are also four beach beds under cabanas that can be reserved by members daily in the office,” said Chandra.“I have a…” Jessie started and looked a Christy. “We have a question,” Christy finished.“Christy and I heard about an old custom for marriage ceremonies and wondered if we could do it here?” Jessie. We acknowledge and savor our sexuality, and allow it to flourish. We love other people, and that’s the basis of who we are. We avoid judgments and substitute understanding others instead. And last, we remind ourselves to exhibit the utmost in tolerance for any little thing that seems to bother us – big or small.”Marlene shook her head in disbelief. “That’s beautiful. On that basis, I guess I do want to be a slut.”The girls talked a little longer, and then Alice went back to work, and Marlene went to her home to collect some more belongings. She wanted to go while George was at work or on the golf course or bonking the bimbo. The fact that she’d been gone all night and that he didn’t even call her cellphone to see where she was summed up the end of their relationship.After dinner, Alice herded most of The Circle into the family room where the television sat. She made a brief announcement, “In the interest of being open and revealing of our inner selves, I have a video to show you. If.
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