The bell that Kenny mentioned rang, and the girl struggled to pick upall her stuff. I walked over to her and started to pick things up withher. She looked up at me with surprise, so I flashed her a smile. "Youlooked like you needed help."She nodded. "Yes, yes, thank you."I was about to respond to her, but Kenny grabbed me by the arm anddragged me inside. He led me into the building, down a set of stairs,through another hallway, and finally into a room where a woman wassitting behind a desk.We waited for about twenty minutes before the woman at the desk lookedup at us. "The principal will see you now."Kenny motioned for me to follow him into an office, which I did. In theoffice sat a man who looked to be around Sharena's age (human ages weredifficult for me to determine). He was writing something down onpapers, but I couldn't tell what."Mr. Endawa, it's nice to see you." The man looked up. "This would beyour sister, I assume?"Kenny nudged me toward the desk a little, so I took that as. I placed a hand on the back of her head and pushed my cock further down her mouth.She took her hands off and started bobbing her mouth over my cock. I could feel an orgasm building inside me but I didn’t want to cum that soon so I signaled her to stop. She understood that and stood up. I kissed her hard, tasting my pre-cum out of her mouth while undid the knots on her bottoms, leaving her completely naked in front of me. I felt her pussy with my hands and she was dripping wet. She was shaven just the way I like it. I started rubbing my fingers on her pussy, pinching her clit. She was getting hotter and hotter and she leaned in whispered into my ears how badly she wanted me to fuck her. Those were the words I needed to hear and I lifted her up, made her wrap her legs around my waist and then with my right hand guided my cock inside her. She was tight but the wetness made it relatively easier and with a couple of thrusts, I was completely inside her.As I started moving back and forth.
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